Ardena Astringent Cream

Lucy Santos, The Glamourologist

22 October 2016

Ardena Astringent Cream

Photograph by Lucy Santos


Ardena Astringent Cream by Elizabeth Arden


A heavy glass jar and lid of soft peach cream. The lid is sealed with a bronze coloured twine and appears to be covered with a plastic protective layer. There are silver labels on the front and the back of the jar with details about the product.

Ardena Astringent Cream: especially adapted to reduce coarse pores, refine the texture of the skin and to smooth lines and wrinkles.

After cleansing with cleansing cream, pat briskly with Skin Tonic and apply Astringent Cream. Pat lightly with fingers or Ardena Cream Pater. It may be left on all night and will check an oily condition of the skin. Keep well mixed with spatula.

Production dates:

An exact match to this packaging has not been found but c1930s – 1940s


3 inches high, 2 1/2 inches wide


Glass, twine and plastic

Copyright holder:

Elizabeth Arden

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