Valentine’s Day

Lucy Santos, The Glamourologist

19 November 2016

In Ancient Greek Mythology they have Eros, the son of Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty, and in Roman mythology he develops into Cupid, Son of Venus who is also Goddess of Love and Beauty (wow religions borrowing from each other who’da thought it?)

Cupid is the ultimate Valentine’s symbol and is also associated with beauty so does double duty on cosmetic and make up advertising.

There are some great adverts featuring Cupid – some specifically for Valentine’s day and some that are just using him as a symbol for romance, finding a man (a preoccupation of cosmetics advertisers) or just the attainment of beauty in general. Sometimes they are just winged angels rather than Cupid but so cute have kept them in.

Pozzoni, 1899

Authors’ Own Collection

Pozzoni, 1893

Authors’ Own Collection

Pompeian, 1914

Author’s Own Collection

Evening in Paris, Bourjois, 1938

Author’s Own Collection

Dura Gloss, 1944

Author’s Own Collection

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