Max Factor introduced the Sophisti-Cat to its perfume line in the mid 1960s annoyingly as part of their Christmas gift range.

She came with a small bottle of perfume – either Hypnotique, Exuberance, Primitif, Jonquille or Golden Woods – clasped between her paws and was resplendent with rhinestone eyes, bright feathers and a jewelled collar or ribbon.

The Sophisti-Cat packaging featured a number of different coloured cats, although the most popular one seems to have been the black one, and these can be found in bright yellow, aqua blue, lavender and pink.

The whole lot was topped off with a fairly flimsy plastic dome providing a little bit of packaging protection.

The Sophisti-Cat seems to have been produced in fairly large numbers or, at least, has survived in great numbers as they are quite a common site on eBay or in antique markets. I hope they were treasured gifts as they are quite sweet.